Group Personal Training

New challenges can be easier and more rewarding with the encouragement and support of a friend or two.
Save on training costs while getting to spend some quality time with your partner or friends! With small group sessions you will still get the benefit of close personal attention with the bonus of saving money.
Even if you and your partner have different goals or abilities, it isn’t a problem. Your trainer will be able to modify the workout so as to meet the needs of each individual. Thus, making sure you are doing just the right routine for you.
Starting your new healthy lifestyle is something that you can all share in, pushing one another along to new heights that you never thought possible. Whether pumped up in the spirit of competition or the camaraderie of a group with a common goal, you will benefit from this positive environment.

“We started training with Derek prior to getting married so that we might look really good for the pictures. Not only did he help us do that, but we are STILL training with him even now because we enjoy it so much. He pushes us, but we all spend as much time laughing as sweating.”

-Matt & Dasha Randall