10 Aug

Phenomenal abdominals

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My Top 4 tips for chiseled abs

The question that I get asked most often by men and women clients alike is, ‘how do I get a nice 6 pack?’ While this is often the holy grail of training goals, it is one of the most misunderstood topics as well.

1. Trim down – One of the sayings I often quote is that ‘abs are built in the kitchen.’ By this I mean that your efforts to have a chiseled stomach are going to be most impacted by your diet and the amount of fat on your mid section. Even the most developed abs will go unnoticed under a thick layer of blubber over your belt.

2. No more toys – I also hate to see the over use of many of these ab ‘toys’ that are so popular these days. Lying around ‘rocking’ your way to good abs is not all that effective and my even aggravate your back with the shearing forces.

3. Big exercises – While certain ab isolation exercises can be effective while also being ‘back friendly,’ some of the best ways to train your mid section are ‘big’ exercises like squats and deadlifts. Not only do your abs and entire ‘core’ have to work overtime to stabilize you, but the release of anabolic hormones that takes place is WONDERFUL for fat burning!

4. Lower stress – Finally, don’t underestimate the negative effect of stress on your belly. Stress releases a hormone called ‘cortisol’ which loves to encourage the deposition of visceral fat in your belly area. So, try to get your sleep and find ways to ‘chill out’ in your daily life. Don’t let rush hour traffic, a lost remote, or yet another loss by your fav sports team mess up your 6 pack efforts.

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