One-on-one Personal Training

Tired of minimal progress in your workouts? Want to take your sport to the next level? Bored of the same old workout routine?

Workout with the oversight of a professional who understands your wants and needs right down to the tiniest detail.
Do you have nagging pain? A personalized workout will help you address that pain, not simply ignore or work around it.
Missing too many workouts? A trainer will provide you with the accountability to stay on track despite life’s distractions.
Sometimes the difference between success and failure can come down to just a few small changes.
Perhaps the addition of some TRX suspension training or battle rope training will provide you with needed change.
Hitting the pads while learning some Muay Thai boxing will be a refreshing change to get you moving in a whole new way.

You will benefit from:
-A movement assessment to determine which movements are good (and not so good) for you.
-A custom workout based on personal goals and results of assessment.
-Specific program changes to further improvement as you go.
-Nutritional guidance to help ensure success.

“After years of not taking care of my body, I decided enough was enough. With Derek’s help, I was able to revamp my diet and get into shape. I burned fat and lost weight.
He made working out anything but dull. His exercises routines are always different, which helps if you’ve ever been stuck in an exercise rut! Anyone who works out w him will not be disappointed.”

-Chris Szado