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No. Similar workouts and exercises can be tweaked for variable fitness levels. Working out with a partner can ensure that you stick to your commitments and can also add a fun competitive edge to training as a team.
When clients are short on money or time and can only make it to their session once a week, we use part of our time to discuss the weeks ‘homework’. Training a single time per week just isn’t enough to create change. A solid workout plan will ensure that you will achieve your goals when you’re only training with me the once. Our intro package and once a week training can also be a great way to get familiar with the gym and have working out become an integral part of your lifestyle.
Gaining muscle mass certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Women are often concerned about becoming bulky from the resistance training that they are doing in the gym. It takes a lot of hard work and true dedication to gain muscle mass. No one ever wakes up and has suddenly gained a lot of muscle. However, if your goal is to put on muscle weight we can certainly make that happen with the right style of training.
Often clients are booked back to back. Please arrive on time and ready to train. Wear comfortable running shoes, workout clothes and bring a water bottle if you like. We supply everything else. Its best to not eat a full meal right before an intense training session.
Training with Thrive will offer you a more private studio gym setting. No more enduring the ‘meat-heads’, ‘oglers’, and ‘primadonnas’ that you so very often find at regular, large ‘chain’ gyms. Nor will you be forced to avoid a high pressure sales team with quotas to meet. With Thrive, you decide what package best suits your needs and financial situation. You may also find at large gyms that with the high turnover of training staff that is so common that the standards their trainers require isn’t always of a very high caliber. Often a basic certification and minimal experience is all one needs. Working with Derek will offer you over 10 years experience working w various clients from ‘newbies’ to pro athletes and over 20 years of accumulated theory, knowledge and hands on learning.
1) Cost The cost of a trainer can be expensive. Hiring a qualified pro can cost anywhere from $50 up to $100 per hour! However, it makes sense to look at it not as an expense, but rather an investment. Having someone knowledgeable who can help you develop and keep lifestyle habits that will keep you both looking AND feeling good for the rest of your life is more important than many of the things we often tend to spend our money on. 2) Fear of the unknown I dont know what to expect! Will it hurt? Is it like those awful TV workout shows? It’s often intimidating trying something new. It takes a lot of courage to finally decide to jump in with both feet and begin a whole new lifestyle. Its important to me that you feel comfortable and have a total understanding of exactly what will happen right from day one before we even step inside the gym.
  First: We meet for a chat to get familiarized and discuss your goals, needs, concerns, etc. We basically make sure that you and I working together seems like a good ‘fit’ You can then take a tour of the training facility to ensure your satisfaction with the equipment, amenities, etc.   Next: If you decide that you’d like to start on a program, I will come up with a workout routine that will address all of your goals that we had established in our meeting. This will be your ‘road map’ to success.   Then: On your first day in the gym, we will do basic testing of your base level of various aspects of fitness. We will also assess your mobility to make sure that we are aware of any physical issues or dysfunction  that may hamper your ability to perform certain exercises.We will examine proper exercise form as well as begin some muscle balancing exercises, or ‘pre-hab’ to help you get and stay pain free.   From there, together we slowly and steadily begin your health and fitness transformation!  
Many people worry that they are so far out of shape that any workout is going to leave them half dead. Perhaps they worry about looking bad in front of their trainer and are too embarrassed to directly confront their insecurities and negative self image. Well, keep in mind that EVERYONE had to start from scratch at some time, even your trainer. Also, its safe to say that no matter how out of shape you are or how poorly you start out, your trainer has seen far worse! Dont worry, your trainer is concerned with how to help you meet your new goals, NOT judging you on what you look like now!


Derek Wiseman


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#10 – 736 Granville St. Vancouver BC
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