05 Jun

Fail proofing your night out

  • Posted by Thrive

1. Plan – Do your research and have a list of restaurants and pubs that have menu options that are inline with your diet goals.

2. Communicate – Get your family and friends on board.  Keeping your close network up-to-date on your health goals can help keep you on track.

3. Stay Hydrated – Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay well hydrated.  Our bodies often confuse thirst with hunger

4. Lots of Greens – A lot of menus have carb heavy meals.  Eating a full serving of salad before hand will help you feel full sooner.

5.  Slow Down -Taking your time eating will allow your body more time to register a feeling of satiety. You will feel full with less food.

6. Pick a Cheat Day -Allowing one day a week to indulge will not only keep you sane but will help to elevate a metabolism that may be slowing due to a calorie restricted diet.

If you like to enjoy the Vancouver night life or if you’re not always great at packing a lunch to take to work with you, you’re going to want to plan ahead.  Keeping your diet on tracking is a crucial part of achieving your health and fitness goals.

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